In accordance with this clause,Swiss NOBEL watch will offer you a guarantee service of 24 months (since the date of purchase).Please note that international quality service will take effect only when you hold the warranty card filled completely by authorized distributor of Swiss NOBEL watch.

Following contents are not included in the manufacturer’s quality guarantee clause:

1. Battery life beyond the warranty period;

2. Normal wear& tear and aging (e.g. scratches on glass and case, color fade of appearance/ or discoloration and aging of metalloid material (e.g. leather, textile and rubber as well as plating fade)

3.Any damage on any part (case, bracelet, glass, buckle and crown, back cover), resulting from abnormal/ abusive use, incorrect use of the watch and nonobservance of the operating instruction provided by NOBEL

4. Any indirect damage resulting from misusage or from any failure to operate, defects of lack of precision.

5.Any watch that has been handled by non-authorized person (such as replace battery, provided maintenance service or repair) or which has been altered from its original condition beyond the control of Nobel

The Nobel will provide you with the maintenance services due to any problem in using coming within guarantee period, which will is counted from the date of purchasing although repaired.

Distributors shall undertake their own commitments to customers alone except warranty. Any requires for Nobel, such as compensation demands for damage, withdrawal of purchase agreement, returned purchase or cash refund will not be entertained.

The warranty will expire if watch dismantled by any unauthorized people (such as replacing battery or providing maintenance and repair service). If you need any services, please bring your warranty card and contact Nobel authorized distributor for after-sales service center.

While after completing the service within the warranty period, the Swiss NOBEL watch distributors or maintenance center may charge a reasonable postage and insurance premium. When warranty period expires, Swiss Nobel watch distributors and maintenance center are very pleased to provide maintenance services for you with reasonable charge.