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Swiss Made

Swiss Made or Swiss has high reputation in the world. Swiss Made or Swiss only show on the watches which are made in Switzerland. It presents exquisite craftsman and high accuracy, which is the symbol of quality and standards.

Every piece of Nobel watch with Swiss or Swiss made, it symbolizes excellent quality that Nobel has always adhered to since 1903. Quality also is the brand foundation.

"Although the extreme beauty is unattainable, we have always regarded it as a spiritual goal even a kind of belief."

______Michel J. Mallet (CEO of Nobel Co.)

Legacy at your fingertips

Even though the automation is widely used now, watch making still focus on skilled craftsmanship; The production of each watch 

is initially processed by automated equipment, and then hand-modified by skilled craftsmen, giving the watch meticulous polishing 

and correction. In order to achieve perfection, it sometimes takes several days or many tedious processes to complete. In this 

process, the skilled craftsmanship is particularly important.