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Valuable Gold

Nobel used 18K gold and full 24K gold for some watches, such as Halo and Master Collection. Expressing its extraordinary luster and endurable charm by valuable materials.  

Natural Diamond

Diamond is the hardest gem in the world. It is popular and welcomed by people due to its rarity and shiny. All Diamonds used on Nobel watches are natural diamonds which purchased from legal channel.The watchmaker presents the dazzling beauty on the wrist with the brilliance of diamonds.

Mother of Pearl

Mother-of-pearl, the shellfish that breeds pearls; during the formation of pearls, the interior of the mother-of-pearl is also moisturized by the nacre to present a lustrous luster, which can transform into different colors under different light sources and angles. NOBEL explores the beauty of mother-of-pearl and selects high-quality natural mother-of-pearl materials to make ladies' watches, creating a variety of different styles for women. 

Blue sandstone

The craftsmanship originated from the 17th century, incorporating brass into glass crystals, creates a starry field of stars, beautiful as stars. NOBEL applies this ancient technique to the square inch dial, presenting a charming artistic conception.

Sapphire Glass

The hardness of sapphire glass is second only to diamond. Compared with ordinary mirror glass, it has better anti-scratch and anti-corrosion performance. It is the preferred material for Swiss watch.

316L Steel

316L adamant steel contains 2%-3% Mo, which made it more anti-corrosion than other kinds of steel. The cases, bands and buckles of Nobel watches are use this material to ensure its high quality and good function.