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Hundred Years of Ingenuity, Set Sail

A century of ingenuity is new gentry. In 2020, Nobel will be renewed and upgraded, opening a new chapter with a brand-new visual image.

Based on the humble and calm gentleman character of the founder of the brand, Mr. Sera Nobel, and the pioneering spirit of incessant exploration, combined with the aesthetic pursuit of the new gentry of the era, the brand new style "leisure and yuppieism" came into being.

Leisure does not mean complete leisure and relaxation, but the calm and free attitude behind "step by step to win", which represents the state of the new generation of gentlemen freely switching the stage of life.

Yuppie, the source of the word "yup", which is the abbreviation of "young, urban, professional", originally meant "young, urban, professional" people. Refers to the upstarts of the era who rely on their own efforts to gain the admiration of the upper class of the city with extraordinary wisdom and hard work, or good-talking, or resourceful, or romantic and suave. They are called "elegant" because of their talent, and they are a little bit "because of their talents." swelling of the liver".

Ingenuity Craftsmanship,Presentingreding Noble

Compared with the fully hollowed out movement design, the partial hollowed out, like a jade window, arouses your curiosity.

The perfect fusion of precious materials and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Inside the low-key and restrained dial, there is a Swiss semi-skeleton mechanical movement; the black gold and gray gold colors are calm and elegant; the gold bezel flashes with respect.

The dazzling galaxy is within reach

In the hometown of Nobel, the night sky in the small town of Rapperswil is full of stars, vast and deep, and looks like an illusion. The NOBEL watchmaker took one of the strands and covered it on the dial, presenting a fascinating artistic conception.

The aventurine craftsmanship originated from the 17th century has transformed the ever-changing galaxy into eternity on the wrist, with a panoramic view of the bright starfields. The sleek and thin case, the slender sword-shaped hands, and the Swiss original movement make the exquisite craftsmanship visible at a glance.

No boundaries between square and circle

Non-circular, not necessarily square. There is no bound in the circle and square, it is circle and also square.
The unique shaped case---like round but square, blending with each other; on the wrists, it reflects personality and elegance. Sandblasting, polishing, and straight sanding are presented on the dial together, and both internal and external repairs can be done in a round shape.