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Thanks for choosing Nobel watches!

This manual is your watch usage guide and warranty certificate, please read it carefully and keep it properly. Reading this manual will help you to use the maintain your watch correctly. For more information about the watch or the Nobel brand, please scan the QR code on the last page or log on to the official website:

2、Warranty Rules

Warranty Rules

About the Warranty Period

Nobel will provide you with the terms of this manual: a 24-month warranty service from the day of purchase. After the warranty service expires, you can still enjoy the paid services of professional inspection and maintenance provided by Nobel.

About Warranty Coverage

During warranty period, you can have following services with valid warranty certificate (Purchase proof or manual issued by Nobel authorized distributor)

1. Under normal use of the watch, the movement appears to stop or the main performance indicators have large errors;

2. The plating fade, indexes or calendar frame or setting stones or any other parts has fallen off due to non-human reason;

3. Other problems caused by the product itself identified by the after-sales service center.

4. Battery will be will be replaced free of charge for quartz watches if it runs out within two years from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not include following:

The service life of the battery.

Normal wear, aging (such as scratches, color fade), non-metallic materials aging (such as leather, fiber and rubber).

Parts damage (such as crown, glass, case, caseback, band, buckle), or caused by incorrect using, or any damage to any part of the watch caused by failure to follow the instructions provided by Nobel.

Any kind of indirect loss, such as: any indirect loss caused by the use of Nobel watches or due to defects and inaccuracies of Nobel watches.

Any disassembled watches by Nobel unauthorized person, such as replace battery, maintenance or repairing, or changed original status out of Nobel control.

Any warranty commitments outside of this manual.

Breakage or damage caused by accident or carelessness.

3、Special Suggestions

Reasonable Tolerance for Mechanical Watches

Tolerance always existing since the born of mechanical watches. According to the official Swiss standard, the reasonable daily tolerance of a mechanical watch is +30 seconds under fully wind up. If your watches within this tolerance, it is fine and no need to do anything for it. To be notice that the daily tolerance of mechanical watches will accumulate. Therefore, it is recommended that you adjust the time every once in a while. Generally, it is recommended to adjust the time every 1-2 weeks.

Precautions for wearing automatic mechanical watches

Automatic mechanical watches wind up through the wrist movement so that to provide power for the watch. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear this kind of watch for 8 hours a day and with enough movement to ensure sufficient power. If you haven’t worn it for a long time, or if don’t wear it for a long time, it will cause insufficient winding and unable to working correctly. At this time, you can wind the watch manually by turning the crown, or wear the watch continuously for more than 8 hours.

Function of Water Resistance

All Nobel watches are waterproof, but the waterproof performance can’t be guaranteed forever. The aging of the sealing ring or accidental impact on the crown will affect the waterproof function of the watch. It is recommended that you send the watch to the Nobel after-sales service center or authorized repair center to check the waterproof performance once every two years. At the same time, in daily wear and use, avoid contact with heat sources, which will cause the watch to lose its water resistance. Watches with water resistance of 3Bar and 5Bar shouldn’t be worn in the shower or swimming. If there is water on the dial, it should be wiped dry at any time.

Regular Maintenance

Like all precision instruments, watches also need regular maintenance to ensure good operation. Due to the different designs and usage conditions, we can’t clearly indicate the intervals for regular maintenance. Generally speaking, it is recommended that the watch should be maintained every two or three years.

4、Simple Troubleshooting

Problem Phenomenon Cause Analysis Inspection and troubleshooting

Quartz watch stop working

 or working inaccurately

Crown is not fully reset Put the crown fully reset
Battery Exhausted

Contact Nobel after sales service center or

 special repair center to replace the new battery

Other causes

Contact Nobel after sales service center o

r special repair center to check and repair.

Mechanical watch stop 

working or working inaccurately

Less enough wearing time or

 less movement of wrist

Keeping sure to be worn for 8 hours a day, 

and there is a certain amount of wrist activity; or manual winding

No regular adjustment Suggest to adjusting time every one or two weeks
Other causes

Contact Nobel after sales service center or

 special repair center to check and repair.

Fog on glass inside 

during winter

Big difference of temperature, 

few moisture in watch

Everything is fine if disappear in one minute.

The fog is always there and 

there is water inside.

A lot of humidity or water inside, please contact 

Nobel China after sales service center or special repair center to check and repair.

5、Use Taboo

6、Advantages of Nobel Movt., Cases and Bands

All Nobel watches use original Swiss movements, and quartz watches have a battery life display function (E.O.L). When the battery is about to run out, the second hand will only jump once every four seconds. If this happens, the battery should be replaced immediately to avoid leakage and damage the watch movement.

Selected high-quality 316L stainless steel materials are used to make NOBEL watch cases, straps, clasps, etc.; compared with ordinary stainless steel materials, 316L stainless steel has better corrosion resistance and a unique luster after polishing .

The watch band is made of high-quality calf leather strap which is smooth, soft and flexible.

Daily care protection if there is sweat, wipe it with a clean cloth. Please keep the straps dry and take care of it with leather oil.

Titanium has unique color and wont cause allergies, which is a good choice for the people who are sensitive to metals.

7、Nobel Global After-sales Service Center

Switzerland:Treille 4,2000 Neuchâtel,Switzerland
Tel:+41 32 843 30 66
Hongkong: 12F, Block E, Des Voeux Bldg, 12F, Block E, Des Voeux Bldg, HongKong
Tel:+852 25400529
hina: Room 104, No. 1 Building, Abram Industry Zone, Qiaotou Community;
Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City