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The beauty of hollow, ingenious interpretation

This watch uses a double-sided hollow design, the movement structure is clearly visible, each component of the clockwork, ratchet, and escapement is carefully crafted to present the ultimate beauty of mechanical rhythm.

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New Gentry Aesthetics

Concise and elegant, extraordinary and glorious, in fact, life is

such an attitude, get rid of all the hustle and annoyance, the

Honor collection pursues an extremely simple design concept...

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Designed for contemporary urban youth, the unique dual-crown

design is equipped with the time marker function of the world's

large cities, which can accurately read the local time no matter

where you are.

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The soul of art

Drawing inspiration from the series "Water Lilies"

by the master of Impressionism, Monet uses

traditional watchmaking techniques to recreate

the soul of art and pay tribute to the master!

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Regulator Watch

Compared with the common large three-hand watches,

the three-hand first-line watches are unique.The hour,

minute, and second hands are based on one side,

and the axis is connected into a line;the three-handed

and one-lined hands are also called standard hands,

re-engraving traditionalwatchmaking in the 18th century.

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Diving concept

This watch is a diving concept, specially designed

for outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is equipped with

10BAR outstanding waterproof performance. The

60-second scale circle and hands are all coated

with luminous coating. Even in the dark environ

ment, the time can still be read clearly.

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Beautiful rainbow

The gorgeous rainbow was fixed on the wrist by the

NOBEL watchmaker, and you can see it right down

to your eyes.

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